Personalized onboarding redesigned to scale.

Enabled users personalize new and existing accounts and condense configuration time from weeks and days to minutes.


FirstRain, is a business analytics SaaS platform for sales representatives , it  feeds the right business critical information at right time for sales representative teams to have a smarter and informed conversations with their customers. This information plays a vital role in closing the deals faster, maintain the high retention of renewals with the existing customers and grow revenue faster.

FirstRain Admin / user configuration setup is a backbone of FirstRain Platform. Using the admin or user configuration setup, the admins or users can set up role, accounts companies and interests data in the form of different “channels ”. Once the user specific channels with various data sources are set from the admin or user side, FirstRain uses AI, human intelligence and advanced algorithms to give users their account relevant insights. This information helps them to close the deals faster and retain the existing customers for long period of time.

Senior Product Designer

UX, UI, Prototyping
and Testing.

Lowell Steveland  
User Researcher
JP Foster
Product Manager
Nov 2013 - Jan 2014
(3 Months)
Feb 2014
design case study in detail

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Personalized onboarding redesigned to scale

Enabled users personalize new and existing accounts and condense configuration time from weeks and days to minutes.

Before Redesign - Admin / New User configuration onboarding setup IA flow
Before Redesign - Admin / New User configuration onboarding setup process.
Here in this screen users/admins used to set up their accounts and interests.
Personalized New Onboarding - IA Flow
New Onboarding - Personalized home screen based on the company.
Here user is going to set up accounts that they are managing and areas of interests, to get insights

Introducing Onboarding / New and Existing Account Configuration.


Paving the way for role, accounts and interests personalization - Progress bar

User can select the role at the Company they are working at right now. A couple questions we asked in our questionnaire for further understanding were, "What are the accounts that they are currently managing?" Addressing these areas of interests through our personalized questionnaire presented new user onboarding to determine the features, workflows, and settings they would be doing during the personalization process.

The FirstRain new user onboarding and account creation process was a holistic experience. It seamlessly integrated the background of a FirstRain core app user’s experience. It also showcased the user's tangible value upfront.
Accounts selection

Accounts and Interests customization

Integrated all the scattered information into a self-explorable and customizable knowledge framework.
SUBMIT selection

Personalization and Activity of Insights

In this section, users quickly get a glance of how the insights are being generated based on the the personalized information they have provided in last couple of steps.

In this step, FirstRain intelligent framework used AI to gather additional insights about the personalized information. The data was automatically extracted and organized, ready to preview in the dashboard.
impact and metrics
As new onboarding  is a self-serve account creation and configuration tool, we observed that using the new onboarding experience, the average account and configuration creation time for a single user was reduced from 2–3 days to 20 minutes.

Not only that, but new users became weekly active users. A monumental stride for the company as over a 100 users and teams were on boarded at once. Some of the advantages we were able to capitalize on within the business were
velocity, scalability and customer experience.


New user setup time
decreased by 2X


Click rate on invite email,
increased by 40%


Weekly active recurrent
users in 3 months


New users become weekly
active users.

Customer Testimonial

““Every day we’re giving back a month of selling time to our sales organization. You can’t beat those numbers. They ultimately lead to sales success: more deals, better deals, more profitable deals, deals that are more strategic.””
Greg Mihran
Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement, Flex
press & award
FirstRain Personal Business Analytics® for Sales 2.0 wins a Silver@TheStevieAwards