case studies

Selected deep dives

A glimpse into my selected work what I’ve done recently and what we can do together in future.
An enterprise AI data platform that enable scientists to manage projects models and effectively
monitor model performance and predictions at scale.
Helping automotive retail dealership owners and employees to monitor, track performance goals,
risks and opportunities faster in real time.
Helping Gem users to add widgets or metrics to an existing or new dashboard to track or answer business
questions that matter most to identify opportunities for improvement and drive decision-making effectively.
Enabled users personalize new and existing accounts and condense configuration time from weeks and days to minutes.
Built a design system from the ground up to increase increase the speed and efficiency of design and development
cycles while also delivering quality user experiences across a broad platform.
Improve the annotation experience across the maple temporal video labeling platform to increase
visual and navigational affordances for ROIs and ROI instances.
Help career services to easily view relevant employer insights in order to make a decision about
signal boosting an employer to a subset of their students.